Kynourgiopoulou Nikoletta

Job Title: HR & EOR Service Line Leader

Location: Athens, Greece

Areas of expertise: HR, Payroll, EOR Services

+30 210 8257 720
Ext: 2116
Kynourgiopoulou Nikoletta Eurofast

Nikoletta is an energetic professional, leveraging her business background to achieve high standards of performance in dynamic, multi-functional environments where communication and managerial skills are crucial. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Finance from the Athens University of Economics and Business and a Master’s Degree in Management and Organization.

Having joined Eurofast in December 2015, Nikoletta brings extensive experience covering financial analysis, management accounting, financial and credit controls, HR records, and payroll calculations.

Currently, she serves as the Head of EOR Service Line for Eurofast and holds the position of HR & EOR Service Line Leader at Eurofast Athens. In these roles, Nikoletta manages all EOR projects, ensures compliance with payroll and tax laws, stays up-to-date with labor legislation and any changes in employee insurance and tax regulations. She meticulously updates payroll records by reviewing and approving changes in exemptions, insurance coverage, and savings deductions, ensuring all services within scope or contractual obligations are delivered to clients in a timely manner with requisite quality levels.

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