Katelari Evgenia

Job Title: Corporate Lawyer

Location: Nicosia, Cyprus

Areas of expertise: M&A, Law

+357 22 699 000
Ext: 1201
Katelari Evgenia Eurofast

Evgenia Katelari is a Corporate Lawyer with six years of experience. Evgenia specializes in handling high-net-worth individuals and complex corporate arrangements, including mergers and acquisitions and relocations to Cyprus. Her role extends to providing legal guidance on business activities, drafting contracts, and contributing to the development and implementation of corporate policies to reduce legal risks.

Throughout her career, Evgenia has successfully led complex mergers and acquisitions, overseeing due diligence processes and negotiating favorable terms for clients. Her expertise lies in drafting commercial agreements, ensuring alignment with business objectives and compliance with legal standards. She has also played a key role in advising on corporate restructuring initiatives.

Evgenia, a Corporate Lawyer, excels in analyzing complex situations and identifying legal issues. She provides strategic solutions to achieve corporate objectives. Her clear and concise communication skills facilitate effective conveyance of legal concepts to clients..

Evgenia brings a balanced perspective to her life through her passion for yoga, fostering mental clarity and resilience. An avid traveler, she appreciates diverse perspectives and embraces challenges, qualities that easilyy translate into her approach to legal problem-solving. Evgenia holds an LLB from the European University Cyprus, a PGDip in Commercial and Corporate Law. She is currently working towards an MBA from the European University Cyprus.

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