Demetriou Rea

Job Title: Receptionist

Location: Nicosia, Cyprus

Areas of expertise: Coordination, Operations, Organization

+357 22 699 000
Ext: 1222
Demetriou Rea Eurofast

Rea Demetriou has been an integral part of Eurofast as a Receptionist since the 2000s. Contrary to common beliefs about the ease of the role, Rea emphasizes that being a Receptionist is not an easy task.

As the Alpha and the Omega of the company, Rea handles a multitude of responsibilities and is the first and last person anyone encounters when entering the company. Beyond her designated duties, she has acquired a wealth of knowledge by actively assisting various departments, including IBSD, Corporate, Accountants, Coordination, and more.

Juggling multiple tasks simultaneously, Rea excels in time management, consistently completing her assignments well before deadlines. Her excellent relationships with colleagues further contribute to the smooth functioning of the workplace.

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