Beric Dragana

Job Title: Administrator

Location: Belgrade, Serbia

Areas of expertise: Coordination, time management, operations

+381 11 3241 484
Beric Dragana Eurofast

Dragana Beric embarked on her professional journey with an initial interest in Medicine, graduating from Medical High School. Shifting her focus, she pursued Foreign Trade at the Faculty of Economics. While her degree is a work in progress, Dragana has garnered diverse experience.

From the Car industry to the Austrian Volks Bank, specializing in legal entity leasing, she transitioned to the fashion industry as a Business Executive at luxury art jewelry Frey Ville. Venturing into digital marketing, she assumed roles, starting as Head of HR and later managing the entire company.

Dragana excels in organizational roles, showcasing initiative and adaptability. As an Office Administrator, she contributes across departments, enriching her skills. Beyond work, she dedicates 25 years to sports and passionately shares her culinary creativity through a cooking blog.

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