Adam Marianna

Job Title: Implementation & Payroll Assistant

Location: Athens, Greece

Areas of expertise: Sales, Payroll Specialist

+30 210 82 57 720
Ext: 2136
Adam Marianna Eurofast

Marianna, a graduate in Business Administration with a focus on Marketing, brings a dynamic skill set to Eurofast. Fluent in both English and Greek, her linguistic versatility enhances her effective communication with clients. Beginning her journey at Eurofast as a Payroll Specialist for 1.5 years, Marianna has since evolved into the role of Implementation & Payroll Assistant.

Drawing from 2 years of experience in sales, Marianna has cultivated valuable social skills crucial for her current position. Her ability to connect with others seamlessly aligns with the collaborative nature of her role. Beyond her professional pursuits, Marianna is known for her adventurous spirit, with a particular affinity for extreme sports. During her free time, she enjoys embarking on trips with friends, reflecting her zest for life and exploration. Marianna’s multifaceted background adds vibrancy to the Eurofast team and underscores her commitment to both professional and personal growth.

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