Mandatory e-tax filings for quarterly VAT taxpayers

FYR Macedonia/July 2013

Mandatory use of the Public Revenue Office’s (PRO) e-tax system begun to be implemented in FYR Macedonia from the beginning of 2013.

From January 1 2013, monthly VAT taxpayers (large companies) are obliged to file their VAT returns using the online system of the PRO. The introduction of the system was met with mixed reception from the public. Although it generally simplifies matters for taxpayers, companies have frequently commented on the technical issues the application has been creating, especially around the 25th of each month when monthly VAT returns are due.

It remains to be seen how the system will handle the additional load when the quarterly taxpayers – which are considered to be the majority of VAT registered taxpayers in the country – will be obliged to use it starting from July 1 2013. In addition to the mandatory electronic filing of VAT returns, companies are also required to file their corporate income tax returns using the system.

To use the PRO’s e-tax application, legal entities need to register themselves in the system. To register, two additional procedures must have already been completed:

1) A digital certificate has been obtained from an authorised digital certificate institution; and

2) A valid email address has been registered in the company records in the Central Registry.

Eurofast advises its clients and associates to check whether the correct official email address has been recorded by the Central Registry during the company registration or subsequent statutory changes as practice shows that email records have not always been updated on time.

Another aspect worth noting is the fact that legal entities that had been registered on the old e-tax system (prior to 2013) must migrate towards the new system, a procedure explained on the website of the PRO’s e-filings system, available at

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