Law amendments on the Single Estate Property Tax (ENFIA) in Greece

Greece/September 2014

Α discount of 20% of the property tax on non-electrified empty properties is stipulated by the recent law amendment correcting the calculations of the Single Estate Property Tax (ENFIA). The law amendment was filed on 9 September 2014 in the Parliament. In parallel with the provisions of the amendment  are corrected the excessive charges, which had burned  4000 owners of properties in areas outside the  objective system of tax calculation, provided that the calculation of the tax will now  take into account last year’s prices  with which the former tax of immovable property (FAP) was calculated.

By virtue of these amendments the government corrects injustices that had occurred during the first clearance of Single Estate Property Tax (ENFIA). In the same spirit, the legal provisions – by virtue of which only the property owner who does not owe any taxes or security contributions- is entitled to get discount in relation to the Single Estate Property Tax  (ENFIA) – are eliminated. The Single Estate Property Tax (ENFIA) will be paid in six installments, the first by the end of September 2014 and the last one until the end of February 2015.

In relation to the discount framework, in order to get a discount of 50% on the property tax regarding property owners that are financially week, the tax calculation system and discount system also take into consideration the value of his/her immovable properties.

The law amendment provides new limits regarding the value of the immovable properties of the owner. These limits are the following: €85.000 for the single, €150.000 for the married owner and his spouse or the single parent family with one child and €200.000 for the married or his spouse and his children or the single parent family with two children.

According to the amendment of the law, draft of which has been sent to the political parties, there is also tax relief for 2014 for the properties located in Kefalonia.

It is clarified that the properties destroyed by the earthquake in Kefalonia will have a tax relief and also there would be a tax relief for the properties in Fthiotida and Fokida, not only for the buildings but also for the plot where the relative buildings are located.

Moreover, there would be a tax relief from the Single Estate Property Tax (ENFIA) for 2014 for the properties located in the building zones that are not active for building in the areas of Peponias, Polilakou, Axiokastrou, Klimatos, Trapezitsas-Panaretis and Piloron of Kozani region provided that in 2013, they did not have electricity supply.

Lastly, there would be a Single Estate Property Tax (ENFIA)relief  for the buildings that have been announced as historical monuments or works of art.

Chryssa Tsiotsi
Eurofast Global, Athens office