Land`s Constitution: Ukraine Moves to the Free Market


On May 24th, the president of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenski, signed a law that will facilitate a land decentralization program. During his speech on the Ukraine 30 forum, he presented Law #2194, known as the Land`s constitution. Moreover, the Parliament recently adopted Law #2195 and few other proposals that will drastically change land management in Ukraine. 

Below there are some key points from the recently introduced laws: 

  • During the first period, exclusively Ukrainians can buy and sell land
  • Purchase and sale of land will be available only through online auctions
  • Land can be on a balance of the communal property of rural and urban councils or territorial communities
  • Tenant will have a priority right to purchase land

Despite these major changes the Law removes differences and inconsistencies in the national legislation by giving a more detailed explanation. For further information on how you or your business can prepare for the new standards or to discuss your potential actions, please contact our Kyiv Tax and Legal Department at

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Alex Maistrenko
Tax & Legal Associate
Eurofast Kyiv