JCC Platform no longer available for Tax Payments

The Tax Department announced that as of May 3rd 2023 tax payments through JCC platform will no longer be available and payments will be executed ONLY through Tax Portal.

Companies can log-in to Tax Portal using their TaxisNet credentials. In the ‘’entry of due amount‘’, companies must enter the requested tax amount using the applicable tax code, and then the debt amount will be automatically transferred to the ‘’statement of due amounts.‘’

Payments can be conducted, either via:

  • Online Internet banking, using a ‘’payment reference code‘’ OR  
  • Debit/credit card  

After payment release, receipt will be available to download in the ‘’statement of payments‘’

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For further information please contact Ms. Christina Chrysostomou, Senior Payroll Specialist at our Eurofast office in Nicosia, Cyprus at nicosia@eurofast.eu

Chrysostomou Christina Eurofast

Christina Chrysostomou
Senior Payroll Specialist
Eurofast Nicosia