Greece introduces tax changes; hikes up CIT

Greece/December 2015

Following discussions with its creditors and the agreement with the European Stability Mechanism, Greece has agreed to introduce a significant reform in its tax regime in order to meet the targets assigned.

By virtue of the Laws 4334/2015 and 4336/2015, several tax aspects have undergone amendments.

Specifically, these changes include:

•An increase in the corporate income tax rate (from 26% to 29%);

•A 100% prepayment (instead of the previously applicable 80%) of the corporate tax due for the respective financial year (also applicable to individual business income);

•An increase of the  special solidarity tax rates calculated on the total reported income;

•Application of the standard VAT rate 23% has been imposed on categories of goods and services which used to have lower or nil VAT, including – among others – sugar, salt, coffee, tea, herbs, oils, vinegar, cinema tickets, restaurant services, and educational services;.

•Extension of the application of tax on “luxury living” to private recreational boats with a length exceeding 5 meters.

The relevant tax changes are planned to be applied within 2016 and they will be based on the results that Greek Government will achieve from the measures it undertakes.

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