Glamping: camping in style and with amenities


Glamping is a glamorous way of camping. It is designed for those who enjoy spending time in nature without wanting to sacrifice luxury accommodation. This unique experience includes all the essentials that campers need along with a luxury tent offering five-star amenities right in the heart of nature.

Just imagine 5-star tents engulfed in trees, fairytale tree houses by the sea, endless facilities with swimming pools, restaurants and playgrounds. In a nutshell, glamping combines glamour with traditional camping, creating a new type of holiday experience.

Our client is the owner of a major glamping and kayaking attraction and is in search of new locations: a tourist area by the sea, 15-20 hectares in size, within close proximity to a city.

Of added value will be readily available utility facilities such as electricity, water, sewage and a road network.

Should you wish to discuss this opportunity further, please do not hesitate to contact our Advisory Services Director, Ms Anna Philiotis, at

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Anna Philiotis
Director Advisory Services
Eurofast Cyprus