Georgia Introduces Support Program For Returning Migrants


The Georgian government has launched a program to help migrants, who have returned to their homeland amid the pandemic.

The IDP`s and Eco-migrants Agency of Georgia has begun accepting applications from returning migrants within the framework of the state program to assist them in reintegration. 

The program includes the following: 

  • subsidies for the emergence of a source of income and encouragement of self-employment of citizens, 
  • assistance in vocational education, 
  • medical service 
  • temporary housing 

In total, up to 200 returning migrants will receive funding. A grant can be obtained to start a business or to expand an existing business. The amount of assistance does not exceed 4,000 GEL (1,200 USD). 

Citizens of Georgia (or stateless persons, who have the right to a permanent residence in Georgia) who have been abroad illegally for over a year or who have applied for asylum or have received asylum can also take part in the program. 

Over 500,000 GEL have been allocated from the state budget for the implementation of this program. 

During the pandemic, as of July 2020, more than 22 thousand migrants returned to their homeland. 

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Irina Lopatina
Country Executive
Eurofast Tbilisi