Eurofast uncovers Russia

Eurofast’s participation in conferences & seminars in Russia has now become a strong tradition. This year, a high-level official visit was made in Moscow and St. Petersburg, to share knowledge through the 8th Annual IBA “Mergers and Acquisitions in Russia and CIS” Conference, the “7th CIS Wealth St. Petersburg” and the “International Tax Planning Double Down” Conference in Moscow.

Among others, Eurofast’s advisors talked about trends and current issues in M&A deals, recent developments in corporate and civil law, changes in arbitration law. At the same time BEPS, AEOI under SRC Standard, and their influence on tax payers from different jurisdiction were in depth analyzed.

Eurofast’s specialists had the chance to establish trust – based relations, hailing all meetings as successful. Worth mentioning that many talks resulted in agreements in a number of fields. As Eurofast’s Executive Director, Mr. Christodoulos Damianou, underlined “Russia is a country open for partnership and new opportunities”.

Eurofast confirms its willingness to boost ties with the region and is set to continue the following years.