Eurofast: Top 10 Payroll Service Providers for 2021


Eurofast has emerged as one of the top 10 payroll service providers worldwide for 2021 according to CIOLook’s annual survey.

With continuous growth, Eurofast continues to prove that it is progressing successfully, showing respect to its customers and remains committed to its original goal – to give joy and satisfaction to its customers.

“Our Dream Team is the driving force behind Eurofast and thanks to it, Eurofast is driven to success. The market requires high-level services and we at Eurofast have the knowledge and the people who can achieve it,” said Mr. Christodoulos Damianou, Group CEO.

Eurofast is a regional business advisory organisation employing local advisors in over 23 cities in South East Europe & Middle East (SEEME). The Organisation is uniquely positioned as one stop shop for investors and companies looking for professional services in South East Europe & Middle East. We have over 40 years of history, working with many global brands and leading Institutions, operating in the manufacturing, retail, airlines and professional services sector.