Eurofast; Taxand Global Guide to M&A Tax 2016

Eurofast is pleased to contribute the Cyprus section to the Taxand Global Guide to M&A Tax 2016. The M&A guide has been designed as a desktop reference book covering 28 countries. It provides an ‘at-a-glance’ insight into the tax treatment of mergers and acquisitions worldwide. The guide accounts for key changes made to increase the attractiveness of regimes, such as mergers, intellectual property or goodwill amortisation rules and provides an understanding of differing local regulations and their impact on deals.

The global economic crisis has seen many countries reforming their tax systems and devising plans to claw back revenue in an attempt to redress imbalances. Every M&A has tax implications. Many create tax opportunities that companies overlook in the rush to get the deal done. We believe our guide provides some of the insight needed to identify these opportunities.

Access your copy of the Taxand Global Guide to M&A Tax 2016 here.