Eurofast Seminar; Doing Business in Northern Iraq (Kurdistan)

Eurofast Seminar; Doing Business in Northern Iraq (Kurdistan)
Eurofast seminar on “Doing Business in Erbil (Northern Iraq)” which was held at Eurofast headquarters triggered substantial interest from Cyprus businessmen who are exploring the opportunity to begin or already have taken steps to start their operations in Northern Iraq (Kurdistan).

Given the opportunity of Eurofast new office in the Region our managing partner Imad Abou Nasr informed Cypriot businessmen about the opportunities available in Kurdistan.

Eurofast new office in Erbil is one more fully fledged office aiming to assist foreign companies in the Region by providing professional services including accounting, payroll, tax&legal, company registration and business matching. The stability of the Kurdistan region has allowed it to achieve a higher level of development than other regions in Iraq in recent years. In 2004, the per capita income was 25% higher than in the rest of Iraq.

Specifically, the Kurdistan Regional government is looking for financing and partnerships in various sectors including:

Healthcare; Lack of Hospitals and specialized medical centers and medicine
Food industry; Local industry mainly food and other sectors and construction material
Construction sector; cement plants, concrete batching plants, Furniture
Scientific and technological research
Hotels, tourist and entertainment projects
Agriculture; farming, animal stock, forests and the services linked to them
They are offering a number of incentives to companies to invest in the region such as:

Full repatriation of project investment and profit
Kurdistan Board of Investment provides services (water, electricity, sewage) for the project.
Ownership of project land is given to investors (may not own land containing oil, gas or mineral resources)
Corporate income tax exemption for 10 years for projects authorized by the Board of Investment
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Imad Abou Nasr
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Villa 188 Dream City – Erbil, Kurdistan Governate – Iraq
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