Eurofast in Global Mobility & Tax Strategies Conferences in London and Singapore

How much do you know about tax residency criteria in South East Europe and Middle East? Are you aware of all the domiciliation rules? Do you know how to change tax residency, how to move management and control? Have you imagined what lack of substance my result in? How BEPS, EoI and Multilateral Instrument have changed the contemporary tax environment?

To all these questions, Eurofast’s experts gave answers on the Global Mobility & Tax Strategies Conferences, which took part in London and Singapore in June 2017.

Eurofast’s presentations kept up to speed all the conferences’ participants, who arrived from all over the world, by sharing complex case studies and in-depth analyses of the available options and requirements for citizenship and residency programmes in South East Europe.

Committed to its mission, sharing knowledge and practical skills for successful citizenship and residency applications, Eurofast’s advisors are proud to be regular speakers in international conferences and events.