100 years after the Spanish flu, a new pandemic strikes the world, seriously impeding free movement, considerably slowing down the world economy as well as seriously restricting the rights of the population.

So what has changed in the last century?

Since then, we all assumed that we have evolved, that the world is now a more developed place and that such an epidemic would not happen again. However, with #stayhome having become the hashtag of our times and directly affecting our daily lives, we are back to reexamining our business communications – something which directly impacts the longevity of companies.

Here’s why a workplace collaboration app can be the key to salvation and success in times of such gravity for multi-office companies, in which interaction between staff spread across numerous countries and offices is vital.

Eurofast began implementing workplace collaboration apps amongst employees in its 22 cities across Europe well before the COVID-19 turmoil unfolded. Eurofast has implemented the use of such applications in its daily business process in order to facilitate the interaction between employees and to maximize the company’s productivity.

With efficiency at its maximum, the communication between staff, be it written or verbal (audio & video) assists in the swift understanding and processing of tasks, therefore overcoming the obstacle created by unforeseeable situations. In fact, for Eurofast employees, such collaboration apps eliminate the difficulties created by external factors; team members are able to carry on with business as usual, including attending meetings, completing tasks, reporting and sharing of ideas.

Eurofast has embraced such tools designed to streamline communication and enhance collaboration within the workplace, to have its team‘s communication centralized without the need for using several messaging apps between employees.

Thanks to such workplace apps, the Eurofast team continues to work remotely from the safety of their homes at maximum efficiency and proactivity.

Eurofast is a regional business advisory organisation employing local advisers in over 23 cities in South East Europe & Middle East (SEEME). The Organisation is uniquely positioned as one stop shop for investors and companies looking for professional services in South East Europe & Middle East


Stefania Costea