Eurofast Athens 40 years anniversary party


On Thursday, 23rd January 2020, Eurofast threw a house-warming party celebrating 40 years of presence in the Business Market and inaugurating the new Eurofast-owned offices in Athens, Greece.

The event was attended by more than 200 guests who savored a splendid evening and were mesmerized by the ravishing performance of the world-famous soprano, Katerina Mina and pianist, Mr Giorgos Thanas.

Christodoulos Damianou, CEO of Eurofast Ltd, in his heartfelt speech mentioned among others:

“Eurofast is one of the biggest Greek multinational enterprises which walks against the wind of xenomania that unfortunately is so present in this country.

The truth is that the past 20 years, since our expansion abroad started, Eurofast has grown up in both size and in mind. We have learnt a lot. We have made mistakes during these years and we have learnt from them. We have been through difficult, but also pleasant moments. It makes us happy to watch our people’s efforts paying back. Watching them how much they have progressed, personally and professionally, having become experts in their field and capable of working and offering in multinational companies all around the globe.

Creativity, ability and knowledge are abundant values in all our 22 offices, in Europe and the Middle East. From Greece and Cyprus to Egypt and Iran, it’s an organically grown network built from scratch by Eurofast’s people. We have created our offices in each and every city, on our own, with great effort, dedication and love for what we do.”

This event was the second 40 year anniversary celebration, in a row, from the series of events that will take place in all of our 22 Eurofast offices in South East Europe and the Middle East.

Here’s to Eurofast! Next stop, Albania!