Eurofast and CIIM are joining forces!

Eurofast and the Cyprus International Institute of Management (CIIM) recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding to seal their cooperation. Both organisations have agreed to develop an ongoing relationship helping CIIM students and graduates develop their employability skills by gaining experience.
CIIM and Eurofast share a mutual interest in filling the gap between the skills acquired at academic institutions and the skills required by the industry and assist young professionals kick start their careers.
Eurofast will host CIIM students for a period of three to six months that will help the company gain new knowledge, new ideas and modern strategies for the business, as well as support new projects.
On the other hand, CIIM’s Undergraduate and Graduate Programs include an internship as an option to help students gain relevant work experience and have a realistic opportunity for on-going employment.
Over the years, Eurofast has been cooperating with educational institutions in Cyprus and in other countries creating a network of future job candidates who have experience working with us.
For further information on our internship positions in Cyprus or abroad please send us an email at