On Thursday, 7 November 2019, Eurofast celebrated its 40 year anniversary at the Latsia Municipality Theatre in Nicosia, Cyprus, in a wonderful event enjoyed by more than 300 guests.

Breath-taking Argentinian Tango Group “Tango Legends”, brought to Cyprus by Eurofast specifically for the event, stole the show among a series of excellent performances.

Christodoulos Damianou, CEO of Eurofast Ltd, in his heart-warming speech, said the following:

“When our founder -and my father- was forced to resign from the Public Sector in 1978 because of his extremely poor vision, he decided to establish this company in the attic of the showroom of Phivos Motors. Those days were a difficult period for the Damianou family. Since the first day, I, Christodoulos, being the oldest son, stood always by his side. Every time we were going into meetings, he was leaning on me for guidance. I recall one day… it was getting dark and we were heading back home, my father couldn’t see properly so I sat behind the wheel and became his eyes for the last mile…

The truth is that the past 20 years, since the growth and prosperity started abroad, Eurofast has grown up in both size and in mind. We have learnt a lot. We have made mistakes during these years and we have learnt from them. We have been through difficult, but also pleasant moments. It makes us happy to watch our people’s efforts paying back. Watching them how much they have progressed, personally and professionally, having become experts in their field and capable of working and offering in multinational companies all around the globe.

That’s the exact reason why we take pride in Eurofast, our people. Multi-talented, multi-disciplined and multi-cultural. Creativity, ability and knowledge are abundant values in all our 22 offices, in Europe and the Middle East. From Cyprus and Greece to Egypt and Iran, it’s an organically grown network built from scratch by Eurofast’s people and kept intact despite multiple M&A opportunities. We have created our offices in each and every city, on our own, with great effort, dedication and love for what we do.

In 1978, my father, Costakis Damianou (who passed away in 2018) couldn’t have imagined the transformation of the former “Damianou & Co” into a multinational company, active in 22 locations. The Soviet Union, Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia were whole nations, Romania and Bulgaria were closed markets – these are all countries that nowadays constitute a great source of clients for Eurofast.”

In light of honoring Eurofast’s employees, and due to more than 20 years of loyal service in the company, three employees of the local office were recognized during the event.  

This event kicks off a series of celebrations which will take place in all 22 Eurofast offices in South East Europe and the Middle East.