Elevate Your Business with ESG and Compliance: Insights from Eurofast

Learn how to integrate compliance and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) practices effectively, guided by Eurofast experts. The EU Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive emphasizes stringent human rights and environmental standards for large companies. This guide outlines the directive’s key points and provides actionable steps to align ESG with corporate strategies, enhancing risk management, building trust, and creating long-term value.


Applicability:  The directive targets companies with over 1,000 employees and an annual turnover exceeding €450 million. It encompasses activities from upstream production to downstream distribution, transport, or storage, affecting a wide range of operations.
Responsibilities:  Affected companies must establish a risk-based system to monitor, prevent, or remedy human rights abuses or environmental damages. Compliance must be ensured throughout the entire chain of activities, including subsidiaries and business partners.
Liabilities and Compensation:Companies can be held liable for any damages caused and are required to provide full compensation for violations.
Climate Transition Plan:Companies must adopt and implement a climate transition plan that aligns with the goals of the Paris Agreement.
Timeline:The directive will come into force 20 days after its publication. Member states have two years to implement the necessary regulations. The directive will apply three years from entry into force for companies with over 5,000 employees and a turnover exceeding €1,500 million.

This directive impacts around 5,400 companies, stressing the need for responsible business practices and sustainability.


Integrating compliance with ESG frameworks enhances risk management, builds stakeholder trust, and creates long-term value. For detailed guidance, contact Eurofast experts at nicosia@eurofast.eu.

Demina Ekaterina Eurofast

Ekaterina Demina,
Compliance Officer
Eurofast Nicosia

Marutovska Olena Eurofast

Olena Marutovska,
Eurofast Nicosia