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Whilst in everyday life disputes between individuals are commonplace, the same happens within organizations. Disputes are an inevitable byproduct of doing business and the nature of litigation is increasingly complex. Eurofast can assist you.

Our Services
Measurement and representation of the financial footprint of the legal case

Whilst lawyers defend their clients, the latter often suffer from the financial representation of the case incurring hefty losses or damages.

By using our expertise, we at Eurofast, will provide you with turn-key solutions for the benefit of our clients and their lawyers. The ultimate aim as ‘Financial Experts’ is to include and enrich the case file with the financial footprint of the court case in such a way that the court will create a positive impression towards our client based on actual facts.

Accounting, tax and associated matters, such as valuations and calculations of economic loss, are often crucial in determining the outcome of commercial and other disputes. Furthermore, an estimate of a loss depends on accounting standards (IFRS) that do not fall under the expertise of a lawyer.

Our qualified Eurofast professionals deliver accurate and specific reports to clarify significant financial and accounting issues relating to disputes.

We establish the facts and analyze the issues by assessing and quantifying the final damage. The analysis is signed –off by an independent fully qualified party such as a Certified Public Accountant.

Expert witnesses in court

Whilst our reports and analysis are based on International Auditing Standards, we are also able to justify our work before a court, as a witness, therefore providing additional support to our client’s case file.

Just like in business, and more so in disputes, presenting actual facts is what really matters.

For additional information with respect to dispute advisory services, please contact Mr. Andreas Andreou, Managing Director of EUROFAST Audit via email at audit.athens@eurofast.eu or call us at +30 210 8257720 to arrange a meeting.

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Andreas Andreou
Audit Managing Director
Eurofast Athens