Determining the Income Tax for Non-Profit Organizations in Serbia

Serbia/May 2014

For 2013, non-profit organizations (which use the General Accounts as regular companies do) are required to submit tax balances on the “PBN 1” form and their tax liability on the “PDN” form per the Rulebook for the contents of the tax return (Official Gazette No RS 24/14).

The deadline for submission of the PBN 1 form and the PDN tax return for 2013 is 30 July 2014 and the tax rate is 15%.

In regards to the payment of advance tax for 2014, starting with the advance for January 2014 and until the submission of tax return for 2013, taxpayers will pay the same amount of advance as they did for December 2013.

After the submission of the tax return for 2013, monthly advances for 2014 will be paid at a tax rate of 15% on the tax basis derived from their tax return form for 2013.

Additionally, all companies which do not generate revenues by selling goods or providing services on the Serbian market are not obligated to submit a tax return according to the opinion of the Ministry of Finance No. 430-07-281/2009-04 dated 04.01.2010.

In summary, non-profit organizations that haven’t generated revenue in 2013 are not required to submit a tax return for the fiscal year (not even an empty one).

Filip Babic, Tax Accountant
Eurofast Global, Belgrade Office
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