Cyprus: TFA platform – deadline extensions

The launch of the TFA platform will commence (stage 1) on the 27 March 2023. As of then all tax obligations relating to VAT will be processed through the TFA platform exclusively.

Due to that transition the Tax department has announced deadline extensions for the below VAT periods:

  1. 01/12/2022 – 28/02/2023 to be submitted until the 26/04/2023
  2. 01/01/2023 – 31/03/2023 to be submitted until the 26/05/2023

For additional information or assistance with the registration by our local advisors please contact Mr. Nikolaos Lioufis, Invoicing & Collection Manager, at our Eurofast office in Cyprus at

Lioufis Nikolaos Eurofast

Nikolaos Lioufis
Invoicing & Collection Manager
Eurofast Nicosia