Cyprus: “Tax for All” platform: Next steps

Following our previous article on the new Tax for All platform, the Tax Department announced that the first step to launch the TFA has started. Probably the most important step for the whole procedure to start the migration to the new platform and for everything to run as smoothly as possible is the verification of the email address, which is used by the Tax Department to contact and -inform the users.

It is essential that all users proceed immediately with the verification of their email address through the TaxisNet website.

If the email address is not correct or is old, this can be changed. Detailed instructions for this procedure can be found in the Tax Department’s website:$file/Change%20email%20address_TAXISnet.pdf?openelement

What is more, the first forms that will be accessible through the new platform are the VIES and VAT returns forms. 

By the end of March, the VAT form for the period 01/12/2022 – 28/02/2023 (due at 10/04/2023) will be submitted through the new platform. The VAT form will have the form as we already know it. Intrastat will join the TFA at a later stage. 

For additional information or assistance by our local advisors please contact Mr. Nikolaos Lioufis, Invoicing & Collection Manager, at our Eurofast office in Cyprus at

Nikolaos Lioufis Eurofast

Nikolaos Lioufis
Invoicing & Collection Manager
Eurofast Nicosia