Cyprus Joins the Schengen Zone

During the past few decades, Cyprus has been under assessment to be able to enter the Schengen Information System (SIS).

Cyprus has finally been given the green light to join the SIS (joining on 25th July 2023), which means that the Cyprus authorities will be better positioned in identifying and preventing security risks to Cypriot citizens.

Joining the SIS is a significant step towards the imminent final step of Cyprus joining the Schengen Zone.

SIS is a public security initiative through which Member States created a shared database to accommodate a few purposes such as: border control, policing, public security. The database which includes data for over 90 million individuals is being heavily used to identify criminals, missing persons as well as stolen high value goods.

The above news will be a boost to Cyprus’s economy both from a tourism (all year) perspective as well as a corporate perspective, as it enhances the feel of security both for tourists visiting the island, as well as for businesses that aim to relocate their offices to Cyprus.

Having been engaged in multiple global tax mobility projects for many years now, Eurofast team with over 35 high-skilled professionals are in position to facilitate relocation of executives and/or companies to Cyprus and handle the whole process at our best. 

For further information or assistance, please contact Mr. Fanos Pavlou Manager of Advisory and Corporate Services, at our Eurofast office in Nicosia, Cyprus at