Cyprus: Amendments to Income Tax Law: Extended Exemption for Non-resident Employees

On June 22, 2023, the Plenum of the Parliament introduced an important amendment to the Income Tax Law, extending the existing provisions of the income tax exemption for individuals employed in the Republic. This amendment affects any person who was not a resident of the Republic prior to their employment.

The newly adopted bill brings changes to the legislation, ensuring that the exemption from income tax —equivalent to fifty percent (50%) of an individual’s remuneration— remains applicable for a period of seventeen (17) years.

Furthermore, the amendment raises the qualifying period spent outside the Republic from ten (10) to fifteen (15) consecutive years. This exemption will not be terminated if the individual changes the employer, provided that they had been a non-resident of the Republic for at least fifteen (15) years before their first employment, as opposed to the previous requirement of ten (10) years.

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