Business Registers Agency – Online registration for all businesses

Starting from year 2022, founders of all companies in Serbia will be able to register their businesses electronically, without having to go to the APR Agency.

Up until this moment, this registration could be conducted only by entrepreneurs and businesses in the form of DOO/Limited Liability Corporations.

According to the Business Registers Agency of the Republic of Serbia: “In 2022, online registration will be introduced for all other forms of businesses; also, for online alteration of the registered data or data delition.

The electronic/online registration, being the most efficient and economical, will be the only manner of registration with the APR Agency, and its users have to be prepared in time.

Based on the data provided by the APR Agency, “in the first nine months of 2021, online registration has been conducted by 8,10 % of entrepreneurs and limited liability companies out of the number of all registered companies.

The site with e-services of the APR Agencyis entered by the system of centralised application. Using User’s Account one can enter the Application – or electronic application for business registration of companies or limited liability companies.

Online application can be submitted if the applicant has a valid/qualified electronic certificate or electronic signiture, an installed electronic card reader and NEXU application, which enables electronic signiture with any electronic certificate, an which is available at the APR Agency site.”

For further information please contact Ms. Kristina Graocankic, Executive Administrator, at our Eurofast office in Serbia at

Kristina Graocankic
Executive Administrator
Eurofast Belgrade