Bulgaria’s New Approach to Tax and Social Obligation Payments

Starting in October 2023, managing your tax and social security payments to the Bulgarian National Revenue Agency (NRA) is about to get a whole lot easier. The NRA is introducing a novel approach by directing these payments through five newly established bank accounts housed within the Bulgarian National Bank (BNB).

These accounts are designed to cater to specific obligations:

State Social Insurance

IBAN: BG97BNBG96618000112001


Additional Pension Insurance

IBAN: BG65BNBG96618000111801


Personal Income Tax

IBAN: BG88BNBG96618000195001


Health Insurance

IBAN: BG16BNBG96618000112101


Enforcement Collection of Public Receivables

IBAN: BG34BNBG96618000195003


What makes this initiative so impactful? For starters, it offers several key benefits.

By centralizing payment processing through the BNB, the system guarantees enhanced security, ensuring that your financial transactions remain safe and sound.

Furthermore, the retrieval of overpayments by taxpayers is now seamlessly facilitated through the System for Electronic Budgetary and Expenditure Administrative Procedures, entirely eliminating the need for cumbersome paper payment orders. This not only enhances efficiency but also contributes to a greener, more sustainable approach to financial transactions.

These changes are part of the NRA’s ongoing efforts to optimize revenue collection within the state budget. Additionally, they aim to improve the overall quality of services offered to NRA clients.

This streamlined approach to payments not only simplifies financial responsibilities but also takes a step toward a more eco-conscious future. Welcome to the future of financial convenience in Bulgaria.

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Eurofast Sofia Editing Team