Bulgaria: Termination of an Employment Contract with Notice

This article will give you a thorough understanding of the legal regulations and procedures surrounding termination of employment agreements with notice periods in Bulgaria. Ensure compliance and fairness in employment relationships with expert insights from Eurofast.

Understanding the Termination Process

Terminating an employment contract with notice is crucial. It involves considering the rights and obligations of both employer and employee. This process is strictly regulated by legislation and requires adherence to specific procedures.

Notification of Termination

A notification of termination of the employment contract with notice is done in writing. It is a clear statement of the party giving notice about the intention to terminate the employment relationship. It is important to note that the notice itself does not terminate the contract but sets the beginning of the statutory period for fulfilling the contractual obligations.

Adherence to Notice Period

After receiving the notice, both employer and employee must adhere to the specified period. In case of a breach of this period, the party failing to comply with the agreed notice, must pay compensation to the other party.

Determining Notice Periods

The notice periods depend on the type of employment contract. For an indefinite-term employment contract, the notice period ranges from 30 days to 3 months, as agreed upon. In the case of a fixed-term employment contract, the notice period is 3 months but cannot exceed the remaining term of the contract.

Commencement of Notice Period

It is important to note that taking leave after receiving the notice does not extend the notice period. The notice period begins to run from the day after its receipt, as expressly defined in the Labor Code.

Withdrawal of Notice

According to the legislation, you can withdraw the notice by notifying before or simultaneously with its receipt, or by mutual consent before the expiration of the period.

Termination Order

Upon the expiration of the notice period, the employer is required to issue an order for the termination of the employment contract and to provide it to the employee.

In a nutshell, a termination of the employment contract with notice is an important process that requires attention to the legal and contractual obligations of the parties. Compliance with the rules regarding notice period is of crucial importance to avoid legal problems and ensure fair employment relationships.

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