Bulgaria: Labor Books Go Electronic

The labor book is a mandatory official document  with the employment history of each employee/worker.

According to labor legislation, when an employee/worker starts work for the first time, it is the employer who is obliged to provide one with a labor book within 5 days from the initiation of the employment. The labor book is supposed to be kept by the employee/workerand should be handed to the employer upon request for further updates.

Commitment to timingly update and keepthis document safe inconveniences both businesses and  employees. Once lost,the labor’s book recovery may be exceedingly complex and time-consuming.

Recent amendments announced by the Bulgarian Parliament suggest the labor booksgo electronic and become part of a digital registry maintained by the National Revenue Agency (NRA).

Employers are expected to scan and send their employees’ labor books to the NRA.

Yet initially, the e-registry will be refurbished according to the data available at the National Social Security Institute (NSSI).

Ultimately, this will facilitate businesses and grant security and accuracy of the data related to employees’ employment history.

The law is expected to be voted on and come into force as of September the 1st 2024, with the complete abolition of paper labor books as of September the 1st 2026.

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Eurofast Sofia Editing Team