Bulgaria-Australia Double Tax Treaty

In a significant move aimed at bolstering economic ties, the Bulgarian government has approved a draft agreement with Australia to avoid double taxation on income taxes. This initiative, part of ongoing discussions since the end of 2022, marks a promising development in international trade and investment between the two nations.


Improved Investment Climate

The new double tax treaty (DTT) is anticipated to enhance the investment climate between Bulgaria and Australia by:

Strategic Importance of Australia

Australia’s growing geopolitical and economic significance cannot be overstated. As a member of key regional and international organizations such as the G20 and the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), Australia’s role in the global economy is pivotal. Additionally, Australia hosts the largest Bulgarian community in the Asia-Pacific region. This community maintains strong connections with Bulgaria, further underscoring the importance of this treaty.


Bulgaria has established DTTs with 70 countries, playing a crucial role in the nation’s economic growth and development. These agreements offer numerous benefits:

To sum up, the forthcoming DDT between Bulgaria and Australia represents a significant step towards strengthening economic relations, enhancing trade, and fostering investment. Bulgaria’s extensive network of DTTs continues to provide substantial benefits, promoting international business activities and ensuring fair taxation practices. As these agreements evolve, they will continue to play a vital role in shaping Bulgaria’s economic landscape.

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Koleva Rossitza Eurofast

Rossitza Koleva
Country Manager
Eurofast Sofia