Bridging Borders: Albania and Croatia Seal Historic Social Security Agreement

Embarking on a shared journey of social security solidarity, the recent accord between Albania and Croatia transcends borders to weave a safety net for citizens. This groundbreaking agreement harmonizes the social landscapes of both nations, ensuring a synchronized dance of benefits and support.

The social security agreement between Croatia and Albania, inked on October 2, 2023, signifies a collaborative effort towards shared goals and understanding.

This pact not only ensures the acknowledgment of social security contributions for pension benefits but also aligns the two countries’ schemes with European legislation standards.

Beyond pensions, it encompasses diverse benefits like unemployment, maternity, and accident-related cash benefits. This agreement serves to safeguard citizens’ contributions, promoting labor market mobility and upholding principles of equal treatment, rights preservation, consolidation of insurance periods, and benefit provision irrespective of one’s workplace or country of origin.

Croatia now joins the expanding roster of nations, standing alongside those with whom Albania has forged alliances in the realm of social insurance. Among the esteemed companions are Turkey (since 15 April 2005), Belgium (since 1 January 2016), North Macedonia (since 1 June 2016), Luxembourg ( since 1 July 2016), Hungary (since 1 July 2016), Czech Republic (since 1 February 2017), Germany (since 1 December 2017), Austria (since 1 December 2018), Kosovo (since 14 April 2022), Canada (since 1 August 2022) and Switzerland (since 1 October 2023).

While Albania has successfully negotiated several international agreements on social security, the ratified accord with Montenegro, finalized on October 4, 2023, is not yet in force. Concurrently, agreements with Romania and Bulgaria are undergoing the ratification process by the respective foreign parties.

To sum it up, the social security agreement between Albania and Croatia stands as a testament to the shared commitment to fostering solidarity and mutual support.

As Croatia joins the ranks of nations allied with Albania in social insurance agreements, this collaborative approach enhances the mobility of citizens in the labor market, fostering a sense of shared responsibility and protection. The ongoing efforts with Montenegro, Romania, and Bulgaria further underscore Albania’s dedication to extending the reach of social security agreements, creating a network of support that transcends borders. This marks a significant stride in creating a robust framework that prioritizes the well-being and security of individuals, regardless of their geographical location.

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Ingrid Kodra
Global Mobility Consultant
Eurofast Tirana