BKR Intl EMEA Regional Conference in Cyprus

The BKR EMEA Regional meeting took place at the St Raphael Resort Hotel from 26th to the 28th May 2018. Some 106 delegates and companions enjoyed the meeting, which was hosted by BKR Cyprus member firm, Euroglobal SEE Audit Limited

With business sessions on Saturday 4th May and Monday 26th May, the theme of the programme was improving your business. Howard Rosen, CEO, presented BKR International’s view for the future ‘BKR: One Vision – One Voice’ and then the EMEA Scholarship Award was awarded to a promising local young accountancy student, Andri Argyridou.

Afer this there was the formal welcome to Cyprus from the Cyprus Investment Promotion Agency and our look at the statistical analysis results, with Manchester member Les Nuter, drawing some fascinating points from the figures supplied by members. The afternoon had breakout sessions with Clarence Kehoe from New York and Iulia Lascau from Bucharest looked at The Pros and Cons of Outsourcing, and Peter Andreou from People Achieve, gave a very lively session on Pitching for Business at the Highest Level.

Monday morning commenced with an International Tax Commitee Chair’s update. This was followed by the keynote presentation on Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) in an accountancy setting by guest speaker Demetris Stylianides. AGer this the sessions finished with an update on GDPR, and the Employment Tax Practice Group, and a look ahead to future BKR meetings in 2018 and 2019.

The social programme took full advantage of Cyprus’ unique history and Mediterranean culture, with a tour to the classical sites of the south coast of the island. Delegates visited the UNESCO World Heritage site at Kourion with its ancient classical era city and spectacular theatre that overlooks the Mediterranean and then to the Sanctuary of Aphrodite, which is the most famous of the Ancient Greek Goddess’ sanctuaries in the ancient world. All of this was accompanied by some excellent Cypriot food and hospitality.