Big News Alert: New Frontier of Salary Protection in Cyprus

Cyprus Ministry of Labour unveils game-changing salary protection reforms. The freshly enforced Law, No. 25(I)/2023 (as of April 16, 2023), synchronized with EU Directive 2019/1152, empowers employee conditions with greater clarity and predictability.

Some of the most important provisions of the new Law are:

  • the time given to the employer to inform the employee regarding the terms of employment is reduced to 7 days (instead of 1 month),
  • the obligation to refer to the components of remuneration beyond the basic salary is established,
  • in cases of non-fixed hours, the employer must provide the employee with alternative information such as, among others, the framework of the hours within which the employees can be asked to work as well as guaranteed pay.

The second part of the above changes concerns the Protection of Wages (Amendment) Law of 2022 (L. 221(I)/2022) based on which the protection of employees is strengthened in relation to the payment of their wages while at the same time increasing transparency of payroll, based on the Law:

  • strengthening of protection is achieved through the obligation of employers to pay wages by transfer to a bank account or by check so that it is easier to prove their payment. Exceptions to this obligation can only be made during the account opening process and where credit institutions thoroughly refuse to open accounts for employees or when employees are paid on a weekly basis, meaning that this is provided for by a collective agreement or other signed agreement.
  • transparency increases due to the obligation of each employer to prepare and send a payroll statement with which the employee can know and claim his/her salary and contributions and control his deductions.

In conclusion, it is equally important for the employers to comply with the new amendments to the wage law, as well as for the employees to know their rights in relation to labor legislation.

This mutual commitment to legal and ethical labor practices not only fosters a harmonious working environment but also contributes to the overall well-being and productivity of both employers and employees.

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Yianna Papademetriou
Payroll Specialist
Eurofast Nicosia