The long-awaited Citizenship by Investment Program implementation has reached a milestone moment by starting to accept applications. Let us review and outline the precisely set criteria for this program.

The program is limited to just 2,000 applicants and offers the following investment opportunities:

1) EUR 450,000 in development projects located in developed areas (coastal and central part of the country)


2) EUR 250,000 investment in development projects located in underdeveloped areas (northern part of Montenegro)

Along with fulfilling the direct investment prerequisites, applicants are required to pay EUR 100,000 contribution per application. The contribution will be deposited in the special governmental fund and distributed to infrastructural development of underdeveloped parts of the country.

After choosing an investment option, the applicant has to make sure the following criteria are fulfilled:

  • Applicant has to be over 18 years old
  • A processing fee of EUR 15,000 per single applicant must be paid
  • A EUR 10,000 processing fee for up to three family members
  • A EUR 50,000eur processing fee for each additional family member
  • Has satisfactory due-diligence results

After the criteria are successfully met and the required investment amount is deposited, a citizenship is granted. Approximately, it will take up to 6 months for the application to be approved and the citizenship granted to the applicant.

An additional benefit of the Montenegrin citizenship is the fact that once it is being granted, it can be extended to all family members and on to future generations.

Montenegro came to attention in recent years as the fastest developing country in the Balkans, and the next country to enter the European Union. In addition to the attractive investment and return on investment opportunities, Montenegro offers stability and high-quality standard of living. A country covered of beautiful mountains mixed with the finest Mediterranean coast; it has already became a second home to many!

Should you be interested in applying for the Citizenship by Investment Program of Montenegro, we are here to ensure your application is submitted to the Government and your citizenship granted!

For more information and additional questions, please get in touch with our Investment & Immigration Specialist – Bojana Minic via