Amendments to Air Protection Law in Republic of Srpska of Bosnia and Herzegovina

The National Assembly of the Republic of Srpska (RS) adopted the amendments to the Air Protection Law (the Law) on 27 April 2017. With the amendments, the new Law is now harmonized with the European Union acquis communautaire.

In order to prevent, reduce and to a possible extent, stop the pollution caused by the industrial activities and follow the principles of ‘polluters pay’ and ‘prevent pollution’, we need to create a wide framework to control industrial activities, as well as substances damaging the ozone layer,” said Srebrenka Golić, Minister of Spatial Planning, Civil Engineering and Ecology.

The main changes will be briefly presented in this article.

Amendments to the Law define the environmental pollution that arises as a result from:

a) substances which damage the ozone layer; and
b) motor vehicles.

The fee for environmental pollution is payable by companies and entrepreneurs which cause environmental pollution which are importers of substances that damage the ozone layer. The fee is calculated per kilogram of the imported substance. The fee for one kilogram of imported substances shall be more closely determined with a special Government act.

Compensation for the environmental pollution by motor vehicles is payable by physical and legal persons owning a vehicle, or other persons who are holders of certificates of registration, in accordance with particular regulations governing vehicle registration. The fee shall be paid annually during the registration of the vehicle. The unit fees for certain types of vehicles will also be determined with a special Government act.

The funds from the paid fees will be invested into further development of technologies aimed at upgrading air quality and protecting the environment.


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