Albania: VAT Refund process update

A new online VAT refund platform, provided by the General Directorate of Taxes, is available in Albania since 7 March 2022. This platform will be used to create, track, and review any VAT refund claim made by taxpayers.

All VAT refund cases, starting from this date, will be submitted online. Taxpayers must follow a series of defined steps to apply for refund and, later, track the status of the request through a serial number automatically generated by the portal.

The advantages of creating such an electronic VAT refund platform are the avoidance of physical contact between Tax Officers and citizens, reduction of queues at tax offices, shortening of the time required for application and exclusion of any possible abuse or favoritism related to the submitted cases.

This innovation is part of the Tax Administration initiative to update and modernise the way services are provided and to further increase the efficiency of service to taxpayers.

For additional information or assistance by our local advisors, please contact our Country Executive, Ms. Drilona Likaj, at our Eurofast office in Albania at .

Drilona Likaj

Drilona Likaj
Senior Accountant
Eurofast Tirana