Albania: New Activity Regulation for Non-Profit Organizations

It was recently published on the Official Gazette of Albania, the decision to create an Electronic Register for NPOs.

The register consists of a state database which collects, organizes and stores the information for non-profit organizations electronically, in interaction with other structures such as the Civil Registry, Commercial Register, General Directorate of Taxes, Notary Register and the Social Insurance Institute. The register created by the High Judicial Council will be administered and maintained by the Tirana Judicial District Court. It will contain data related to the establishment, field of activity of NPOs, any changes in their status and form of organization, data related to representation and legal representatives, as well as other additional information provided by law.

The Secretariat of the Electronic Register is entitled to read, write and modify data, while other interested entities such as the Prosecution, Police, Tax Directorate, or any other entity designated by Decision of the Council of Ministers, or individual, will have access to the data presented in the Register for information purposes.

The development of a structured electronic register is a significant step ahead as it promotes reporting and accountability in the activity of NPOs and it increases guarantee of public trust regarding their administration and correct management.

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Enxhi Behlula

Enxhi Behlula
Accounting & Tax Specialist
Eurofast Tirana