Albania: Favorable Changes for Self-Employed Pensioners

The Albanian government has approved additional changes in the law for compulsory social security contributions affecting people who have reached retirement age but continue to work registered as self-employed. Those people will no longer pay for compulsory social security contributions. This change brings benefits to self-employed pensioners, and it is considered a major advantage since they will no longer pay for compulsory social security contributions.

Although pensioners, who while drawing the monthly pension installment, are employed or self-employed in the private sector, the period of employment is not recognized as an insurance period, because of the benefits the new law brings.

An interesting fact is that there are about 16% of people over 65 years old who are reported to continue working and that is a reason why the new law was approved. Albania is trying to support pensioners as much as possible by reducing their fiscal burden.

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Drilona Likaj
Country Executive
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