Albania: Deadline Extension for Financial Statements

The Ministry of Finance announced the postponement of the deadline for submitting financial statements to the National Business Center.

The annual deadline for submission was the end of July, but this year marked fundamental changes on the process of invoice issuing and tax declarations along with the digitalization of almost all the public services, which caused an overload of the government portals network.

Recently, the network of government portals also faced a cyberattack, which made the operation of almost the entire network impossible for several days.

This problem has created difficulties for resident businesses in receiving public services, carrying out various applications and especially, submitting their annual financial statements to the National Business Center.  As a result, business representatives requested the postponement of the declaration deadlines in the conditions of this unusual situation and in response to these complaints, the Ministry of Finance decided to extend until 15.09.2022.

What is more, for the aforementioned reasons, it was also announced the postponement, for an indefinite period, of automatic monthly declaration of ledger books and VAT balances in the tax system. This means that until further notice, the ledger books and VAT Declarations will continue to be manually uploaded into the system. Meanwhile, the fiscalization of invoices and the real-time declaration of all transactions continue without interruption. For additional information or assistance by our local advisors please contact our Country Executive, Ms. Drilona Likaj, at our Eurofast office in Albania at

Drilona Likaj

Drilona Likaj
Country Executive
Eurofast Tirana