10 reasons a Cyprus citizenship can change your life

  1. No more Work Visa headaches

Having a Cyprus citizenship broadens your professional opportunities and career growth, as only EU citizens have the freedom to move to an EU country and be easily employed without a work permit.

  1. Access to medical benefits, including free healthcare

A European Health Insurance Card is free of charge for any EU citizen and allows one to receive proper health care services provided by the EU state they are currently staying in, as well as in Iceland, Lichtenstein, Norway and Switzerland.

  1. Educational benefits for you and your children

As a Cyprus citizen, you can study at any EU university under the same conditions as local nationals. Tuition fees for EU citizens are moderate or even completely waived, while those applicable to non-EU citizens are much higher and are accompanied by additional paperwork. There are over 1,300 institutions providing high-quality educational programs.

  1. Easier procedures for purchasing property in Cyprus and other EU states

Buying real estate in Europe from abroad can be a tiring and complex procedure. Having a Cyprus citizenship can make the whole process much easier and faster.

  1. Taxation

Those who look for opportunities to split their assets and optimize the overseas tax will be attracted to Cyprus’s law tax rates and the possibilities to restructure their business and optimize the expenses for taxation.

  1. Possibility to automatically transfer Cyprus citizenship to children, parents and further ancestors

If you have dependent children who are under the age of 18 at the time your application for citizenship is accepted, they will not need to submit a separate application. They will receive their citizenship at the same time as you do. Furthermore, your children or their children born after the Cyprus citizenship is obtained will automatically be Cypriot citizens, as Cyprus citizenship is automatically transferred to new family members with no need for additional paperwork or application.

  1. Leisure

Cyprus is also attractive because of its long summer time, beautiful beaches and entertainment industry, all of it factors which make it a paradise for holidaymakers. Winter in Cyprus is quite short and mild, with average daytime temperatures around 15°C. However, the height of Troodos mountain range allows Cyprus to become a ski resort in winter as well.

  1. Safety

Island residents can feel safe here, as Cyprus has one of the lowest crime rates in the EU. Cypriots are very friendly and almost all speak English so there is no need to know Greek when you enter the country.

  1. Dual Citizenship

Cyprus accepts dual citizenship. Thus those who are not willing to farewell their initial citizenship are not obliged to do so when obtaining Cyprus citizenship.

  1. Place of permanent residence

Cyprus does not require permanent residence on island as a criterion for obtaining Cyprus citizenship or afterwards, so there is no need to change your permanent place of living and you can still enjoy all the benefits of being a Cyprus and EU citizen.

By obtaining a Cyprus citizenship you can now experience better life opportunities, 340 days of summer during the year and enjoy the rich history of the country as well as all the EU benefits provided to its citizens. You can also extend many attractive opportunities to both your children and to your parents who are sure to enjoy a safe and pleasurable retirement.

Nadiya Omelchuk
Country Executive

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