Our #SEEME team

Christodoulos Damianou
SEEME @ Executive Director
Christodoulos is a Director of International Tax and Executive Director at Eurofast and he specialises in international tax structuring and planning, including real estate structuring. Christodoulos has over 25 years of working experience in tax consulting, working with local as well as multinational companies. Previously in his career he has served as the European Chairman of the 5th largest international accounting association in the world for Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) Region as well as President of the Junior Chamber International of Cyprus and a member of a number of international trade associations. Christodoulos is the Honorary Consul of the Republic of Montenegro in Cyprus. Christodoulos is a holder of a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Southern Illinois University and a US CPA. He has extensive general experience in the countries of South East Europe and CIS, as well as specific cross-border structuring; joint ventures and M&A experience involving most of the countries in the region. He is a regular speaker in international tax conferences and events, and he is the author of numerous taxation articles published in International press and magazines. He has also conducted over 200 presentations on International Tax Planning, Accounting and Management Consulting in conferences and meetings all over the world.
Zoe Kokoni
SEEME @ Eurofast Taxand
Zoe is a Director at Eurofast Taxand Ltd specializing in tax, payroll and labour issues. Zoe has extensive experience in Greek, Bulgarian and Cypriot immigration rules. She deals with citizenship and residency permits issues, provides advisory services to expatriates on taxation issues and employee benefits as well as social security issues. Zoe deals extensively with the payroll and employer services division offering services to multinationals as well as to regional companies in South East Europe and Eastern Mediterranean. Zoe is a member of Taxand Global Compensation Service line and a Board Member in Antea and is the Head of our Eurofast representation in a number of associations in Cyprus and Greece. Zoe is fluent in English and Greek.
Maria Savva
SEEME @ Regional Operations
Maria is the Director of Regional Operations of Eurofast. Maria graduated the Concordia University of Montreal, Canada, obtained her MBA at the University of Cyprus and joined Eurofast in 2004. Maria’s primary responsibilities include developing, creating and implementing the organisation's business development strategy including but not limited to customer strategy, building brand equity, knowledge management, business growth, qualifying new business opportunities and overseeing the expansion of Eurofast in South East Europe and Eastern Mediterranean. Maria works closely with partners and regional managers to ensure organisation targets are delivered across all functions including recruiting professionals, implementation of IT systems to ensure efficiency in information sharing between offices as well as monitoring financial and operating performance.
Panos Diallinas
SEEME @ Regional Director
Panos holds the position of Regional Director in Eurofast. Panos has a Bachelor degree in Accounting and a Diploma in Information Technology. He has worked in several managerial positions in the services and retail sector. He joined Eurofast Global in 2006, responsible for the Eurofast operations in SEEME, specifically in Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Montenegro, FYROM and Albania. Member of the Board of Directors since January 2010, Panos travels extensively to the offices in the region, expanding the client base and also offering guidance and direction to the local management thus ensuring that the high quality standards are maintained in every Eurofast office. Panos is an active member in all bilateral business associations and chambers of Greece - in Bulgaria, Romania, Albania and Serbia as well as in associations and chambers of other countries in locations of Eurofast like AmCham, the British Chambers of Commerce, the Italian Confindustria and others. He is a board member of the Hellenic Business Council in Bulgaria (HBCB). Panos has conducted numerous presentations at international conferences; seminars and meetings focusing on tax related matters.
Eylem Philippou
SEEME @ Business Development
Eylem is a Business Development Executive at Eurofast Taxand Ltd. She is responsible for developing, creating, and implementing new business and marketing initiatives in all countries that the company operates in or have interest in. Her duties include researching and following up new business opportunities, identifying targets and networking; new products and service development; overseeing the development of marketing literature; initialising and supervising campaigns; event planning and organisation; preparation of business development reports and analysis; market research and analysis; and providing management with feedback. Recently Eylem has also overtaken the coordination of mergers and acquisitions activities of the group; searching for investors / targets and approach; price negotiation, contract negotiation and closing; and sourcing of capital. In the past Eylem has worked in various sectors in the UK and in Turkey such as finance, real estate, public relations and journalism. Eylem holds a BA (Hons) in Finance and Accounting from the Anadolu University in Turkey as well as certificates in English Language and diploma in PR from UK based institutions. She is fluent in Turkish and English and understands daily Greek Language at an intermediate level.
Plamena Nikolova
SEEME @ Administration
Plamena is Senior Administrator at the Coordination Department of Eurofast Taxand Ltd. The Coordination department based at the headquarters of the organisation ensures that the company procedures, guidelines and branding are correctly kept and applied in all departments and offices of Eurofast. As part of the team Plamena mostly deals with drafting of manuals and other documents for internal use, reporting, internal trainings, database maintenance, day-to-day administration, business trip arrangements, subsidy programs and others. Plamena speaks Bulgarian, Greek and English.
Anna Zongou
SEEME @ Marketing Communications
Anna holds the position of Marketing Communications Coordinator at Eurofast. Anna studied International Relations in Panteion University, Greece and obtained her Master's Degree in Communications at the City University of London, UK. She Joined Eurofast in 2015. Anna's primary responsibilities include developing & implementing marketing campaigns, writing and distributing press releases & newsletters and media relations across the SEEME region. Anna is also responsible for project managing all online content & networking channels of the company, dealing with social media, email campaigns & newsletters. She is also responsible for overseeing the production of all promotional material of the company. With over 10 years of experience in Cyprus & Greece, Anna has extensive background in communications strategies, media relations, content writing & digital advertising. She speaks Greek, English & French.