Uzelac Gojko

Job Title: Head of payroll and EOR services Croatia and Slovenia

Location: Zagreb, Croatia 

Areas of expertise: Payroll advisory, payroll implementation, income tax and Labour law expert, DTT & totalisation agreements, shadow payroll.

+385 179 80646 
Konstantinos Koutroumpis

Gojko Uzelac, a graduate of The Faculty of Economics in Croatia, brings extensive expertise and a demonstrated history of successful project management to the field. His proficiency innavigating complex payrolll and scapes has made him an asset in various sectors, contributing to the seamless execution of payroll initiatives across diverse industries, including oil & energy, tobacco, insurance, health, financial services, and retail.

Articles by Uzelac Gojko

From Changes to Challenges: Croatia's Fiscal Transformation in 2024

From Changes to Challenges: Croatia’s Fiscal Transformation in 2024

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