Bogdanovic Bogdan

Job Title: Country Manager

Location: Belgrade

Areas of expertise: Management

+381 11 3241 484
Ext: -
Bogdan Bogdanovic

Bogdan Bogdanovic is the Country Manager at Eurofast Belgrade. He brings with him 13 years of experience in senior positions within FTSE 500 corporate businesses, particularly in volatile market environments.

As a core member of regional leadership teams, he has consistently contributed to creating and co-owning cluster strategy, must-win battles, and P&L.

In his role as Head of Corporate & Legal Affairs, Bogdan has excelled in regulatory engagement and corporate communication. He ensures compliance and sustainable operating environments. Additionally, he successfully rolls out corporate strategies and cross-category corporate agendas. Additionally, he has led Insights & Intelligence efforts in the Adriatic and Middle East, covering 22 different markets. His track record demonstrates success in delivering actionable market, consumer, and competitive insights, translating them into effective sales and pricing strategies crucial for achieving volume and market share growth.

Outside of work, Bogdan enjoys reading, music, sports, and artisan bread baking.

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