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Effective employee remuneration is critical to business success and errors can be costly. Peculiarities in salary calculations, frequent legislation changes, variety of reporting procedures and specifics in allowances’ calculations may make the payroll process a challenging task for employers.

Our aim is to ensure remuneration plans work in practice and not just in theory, regardless of where you deploy your people. We understand that globalisation and the complexity of the business environment demand sophisticated and customised advice that meets the highest standards, delivered by experienced professionals who put their clients’ best interest first.

We have  become the  No 1 reference point for companies  seeking advice in terms of Payroll and  Employment solutions in the South East Europe & Middle East (SEEME) region

We aim to be in the top-10 professional rankings in terms of size compared to other similar organizations in our region. We simply want our clients to stand out and proudly say, “We work with Eurofast in this part of the world!”

How Eurofast can help you

Eurofast adds value to your operations by ensuring that you receive accurate and timely results. We proudly provide fully outsourced payroll services for businesses of different sizes and belonging to different industries.

We allow our client to focus on their core business with removing the burden of payroll processing and compliance in the countries they operate in. We free up our clients time, save them money in the long term especially, improve compliance and confidentiality and they benefit also from access to the latest HR and Payroll technology.

Our highly qualified payroll specialists located in our full-fledged offices in Greece, Cyprus, Egypt, Albania, Serbia, Kosovo, Bulgaria, Croatia, Bosnia, Romania, FYR Macedonia, Montenegro, Georgia, Ukraine, Russia, Iraq, Lebanon and Iran will be pleased to assist you.

Our team of advisors are capable of efficiently addressing all client needs in one single meeting, using one single language for all the countries in SEEME region.


We are positive that Eurofast can add value to your operations by delivering a full range of technical services, with partner led quality and people centric focus. Our payroll services go beyond simple calculations; the customer-focused approach considers the bigger picture and guarantees tailored solutions and success.

When partnering with Eurofast, you can rest assured that you are partnering with one of the leading companies in all aspects of payroll services.

We provide comprehensive payroll services that assure compliance, reduce cost, limit liability,  free up our clients resources and offer peace of mind!

What we can do for you

Our services include:

Payroll Processing:

  • Managing employee and payroll data
  • Calculation of salary and payroll-related taxes
  • Calculation of vacations, business trips, sick leave, maternity leave etc.
  • Calculation of other earnings (i.e. bonuses, allowances, benefits etc.)
  • Preparation and provision of confidential or electronic pay slips
  • Delivery of payment options

Payroll Reporting

  • Preparation and submission of payroll-related reports to the State Authorities
  • Representation of the client before the Tax Authorities

Other Payroll-Related Services

  • High-level payroll consulting in regards to salary calculations / reports preparation
  • Advisory on payroll and labour legislation provisions

Advisory and Compliance Services

  • Long and short-term global equity and cash plan design and implementation
  • Employer and employee tax, social security, withholding and compliance due diligence
  • Legal and regulatory global due diligence
  • Employee compensation and engagement programs
  • Equity awards for international assignees
  • Taxation of expatriates
  • Residency and work permits
  • Employment outsourcing services

Elena Kostovska
Group Head of Payroll Services
Tel: +389 2 24 00 225

Elena Kostovska Skopje

Professional Employer Organization (PEO)

We provide comprehensive Professional Employment services (also referred to as “employee leasing”) for our clients which enables them to have control of the employees’ daily tasks and to retain responsibility on how they are managed, while we handle compliance with local authorities and benefits’ administration. We offer peace of mind to our clients as employers of record.

The benefits of using a PEO company are numerous, both for local and multinational companies. When becoming a “co-employer” for our clients’ employees, we assume much of the administrative responsibilities and liabilities associated with maintaining employees.

Eurofast provides outsource employer services* to its clients alongside payroll and HR associated services.

* This service is not applicable in all countries Eurofast operates. Please contact us directly for further information.

What we can do for you

  • PEO Services
  • Official employment of specialists (according to the local legislation)
  • HR administration services
  • Creation and assistance in preparation of employee handbooks, policies,
  • procedures and practices
  • Benefits plan and administration
  • Employees’ compensation
  • Payroll administration
  • Compliance and other employee-related liabilities
  • Assistance in improving productivity and profitability.
  • Ongoing support and provision of consultations by the Eurofast PEO team.

Nikoletta Kynourgiopoulou
Group Head of EOR Services
Tel: +30 210 8257 720

Human Resources Administration (HRA)


Human Resources Administration (HRA) has grown increasingly more complex and challenging in recent years. The number of companies who have taken advantage of outsourcing their HRA function is constantly growing.

The main benefits of outsourcing HRA include cost-savings, improvement of compliance and accuracy, and taking advantage of technological advances. Moreover, proper HRA outsourcing saves time and relieves in-house employees from cumbersome paperwork providing them the ability to focus on the corporate strategy and core business.

How Eurofast can help you:

Eurofast offers full professional on-going assistance for its clients in the field of HRA in South East Europe & Middle East. We offer HRA outsourcing for a business of any size and sector and can provide your company with real advantages that will positively impact your business.

Our Approach:

Eurofast deals with every aspect of your company’s human resources. Our focus is always on delivering consistent, legally-compliant and cost-effective solutions, perfectly tailored to meet your business objectives. Our HR specialists will work with you to understand your company and its challenges, using their vast experience to provide the service and support you need across all HR administration functions.

What we can do for you

Eurofast as your strategic HR partner can help with:

  • Drafting employment documents and labor regulations
  • Maintaining employees’ records and personal files
  • Leave of absence administration
  • Preparation and submission of HR-related reports to the Authorities
  • Preparation of internal HR reports
  • Obtaining work permits and residence permits
  • Assisting with employer compliance and employee relations’ matters
  • Consultations on HR-related issues etc.

Nikoletta Kynourgiopoulou
Group Head of EOR Services
Tel: +30 210 8257 720

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