Outsourced Payroll & Employment Solutions

payrollEurofast in recent years has become a leader in outsourced payroll and employment services offering practical and responsive advice to a wide spectrum of clients including multinational and locally listed companies, mid-market companies and large private entities.

We are fully aware of the varying tax and legislative systems of each country we operate in and the risks associated with cross border transactions. This is why Eurofast adds value to your operations by delivering a full range of technical services, with a partner led personal service focusing on clients’ specific requirements in the country of operation.

Eurofast offers Payroll and Employment related services in the following countries; Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia Montenegro, Albania, FYR Macedonia, Croatia, Bosnia, Egypt, Georgia, Iraq, Lebanon, Iran, Ukraine and Russia. Our services include

• Long and short-term global equity and cash plan design and implementation.
• Payroll preparation and processing.
• Employer and employee tax, social security, withholding tax.
• Legal and regulatory global due diligence.
• Employee compensation and engagement programs.
• Equity awards for international assignees.
• Taxation of expatriates.
• Immigration & citizenship.
• PEO / leasing employees (where applicable).
• Residency & work permits (where applicable).