Market Entry Services


If your Organization’s priority is growth - it’s time to unlock new sources and explore business opportunities in new markets.

International expansion represents an opportunity to grow, increase revenue and benefit from economies of scale. Eurofast provides new market entry services to companies that plan to expand or relocate their business to new markets.

Our Approach

Eurofast is your reliable partner for successful market entry.

We offer a structured approach to market entry with our professional network having strong understanding of international and cross cultural issues for successfully doing business.

Our multicultural team of advisers with diverse backgrounds and experience including tax, legal, Mergers and Acquisitions, Payroll, Accounting, Audit and Consulting are always up-to-date with the latest developments in the Region in Tax, Accounting and Legal and can add value to your expansion plans.

For a successful entry in new markets it is important to:

Eurofast has a team of highly skilled professionals in each country across South East Europe and Eastern Mediterranean. We can identify opportunities, capture them for you, eliminate cultural, language, social and communication barriers and create a foundation for success. Please contact us!

How can Eurofast Help you?

Eurofast has been operating in Cyprus since 1987. In the last 15 years it has successfully entered into new markets covering South East Europe and Eastern Mediterranean with fully-fledged offices. Today, Eurofast counts 21 offices with over 200 people in the region offering advisory services to local and multinational companies. Eurofast has over 25 years of experience working with global businesses and leading institutions.
We provide market entry services to Cyprus, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Montenegro, Albania, FYR Macedonia, Bosnia, Croatia, Ukraine, and Russia.

Eurofast can identify, evaluate, and source your arrangements including:

• Setting up international business from the ground up (Green Field).
• Establishing partnership, Joint Ventures with foreign firms.
• Purchasing an existing company that already fulfils your needs (Acquisitions).
• Partnering with foreign firms via royalty agreements (Technology Transfer and Licensing).
• Preparation of business and marketing plan.
• Finding suitable office/ store and negotiating price and terms of lease.
• Recruiting.
• Secure funding.
• Assist you with all legal and regulatory issues.

With the right planning, investments, expectations and advisor, a new market can be the key to continued success for your business!