International Tax


We recognize that cross-border trading is the key driver of business growth for many regional and global companies. However, a poorly-designed tax structure can disadvantage your company or group of companies.

Our worldwide international tax services are designed to help you operate in a tax efficient manner. Many of our clients have admitted to previously not taking advantage of trade incentives as well as facing difficulties in complying with complex trade regimes of local jurisdictions with an end result of unnecessary tax penalties and fines.

We believe that international and multi-jurisdiction taxes present an opportunity for considerable advantageous results when proper international tax planning is used. With this in mind, we assist businesses with optimising their effective tax rates, recouping tax overpayments, strategically planning for growth and development, and avoiding tax penalties and fines.

In working with international companies operating and trading on a global scale, we seek to maintain maximum tax benefits, protect their assets from creditors, minimise customs duties, and allow them more time to focus on growing their business.

Our services include:

  • International tax planning and compliance
  • Export incentive planning
  • International tax structuring
  • International customs and duties planning
  • International tax treaty analysis and filing
  • Expatriate planning and compliance - international employees’ payroll and other taxes